What is the PouchCouch?

Pouch Couch is the affordable, go-anywhere, portable, light weight, no frills-all chill lounger. Go from a Pouch to a Couch in Seconds.

How do you fill up the PouchCouch?

PouchCouch utilizes an easy 3 step process to fill:

1. Grab the end of your PouchCouch, keep your arms out straight, and scoop up some air to fill the first chamber. Quickly close the band and repeat the step for the second chamber.
2. Fold the band over itself a few times to form an air-tight seal, then connect the buckle to secure it.
3. Lay back and chill out!
4. Visit PouchCouch.com for an instructional video!

How do you deflate and store the PouchCouch?

Unclip the opening and the PouchCouch will begin to deflate. Start rolling it up towards the opening to release any remaining air and when you're at the end, fold it in half and clip the securing buckle, so it easily fits in its carrying pouch.


What is my Pouch Couch made of?

PouchCouch is made with the 100% Ripstop polyester (parachute-grade) and a polyurethane coating. The polyurethane makes the fabric water resistant, light weight, and durable.

Can the Pouch Couch be used on water?

PouchCouch is coated with Polyurethane and is water-resistant. PouchCouch should not be used as a floatation device. PouchCouch is built for leisure on land.

What's the maximum weight capacity of the Pouch Couch?

PouchCouch can hold up to 500 Pounds

How can I assure that my PouchCouch won’t blow away in the wind?

PouchCouch is equipped with a small loop, so you can secure it to the ground using any standard ground stake. No stake? You could also just attach something heavy to the loop (a backpack, umbrella, even the carrying pouch filled with rocks or sand!)


How much does the PouchCouch weigh and what is the size?

The PouchCouch weighs only 2.3 pounds. With the carrying pouch it goes up to 2.8 pounds total. A fully inflated PouchCouch is sized at: 90.5in x 27.5in x 27.5in.

How do I clean my PouchCouch?

For most situations, inflating it and cleaning it with COLD water and a neutral soap then drying out in the sun is sufficient. You may place in washing machine on LOW TUMBLE and COLD RINSE for less than 20 minutes and hang dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER, IT WILL MELT THE POLY AND PLASTIC!

On what kind of terrain can I use my PouchCouch?

You can bring your PouchCouch on almost any terrain. It’s been tested on rocks, uneven ground, dirt, mud… almost anything you can imagine.

Do you ship internationally?

At this moment, we do not ship internationally.